Policies for Healthier Retail

ChangeLabSolutions released a Healthy Retail Playbook providing policy ideas to improve retail access to healthier food and to reduce access to alcohol and tobacco. Some examples include:

  • Discounting grocery permit fees for stores that stock nutritious products (mid-Ohio Valley (WV) Health Department)
  • Requiring stores with grocery licenses to carry staples in different food groups (Minneapolis)
  • Restricting the sale of flavored tobacco products near schools (Chicago) or banning the sale of other flavored tobacco products (NYC)
  • Restricting signage in windows and doors of retailers to limit tobacco and alcohol advertising (St. Paul)
  • Taxing non-nutritious foods and beverages (Navajo Nation)
  • Requiring minimum prices for tobacco products (NYC)
  • Offering incentives for SNAP recipients to buy fruits and vegetables (Michigan and other states)
  • Limiting density of retailers selling alcohol (Rohnert Park, CA)


These and other policies are starting points for public health advocates and policymakers to design and enact similar ordinances, zoning changes, or regulations in their communities.

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