Update on NYC FoodWorks legislation

For readers tracking implementation of the legislation enacted by the New York City Council in August, here is a summary of the local law numbers as well as the effective dates of each law:

LL 50 of 2011– Requires the City Chief Procurement Officer to develop a set of guidelines for city agencies to follow to procure more food products whose components are grown, produced or harvested in New York State. [enacted 8/17/11, effective date 11/17/11]
LL 51 of 2011 – Requires the director of citywide environmental purchasing to develop packaging guidelines for food purchased by the City to eliminate packaging or minimize the amount of packaging used, and to use packaging that is recyclable or reusable. [enacted 8/17/11, effective date 11/17/11]
LL 52 of 2011 – Requires the Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability to gather and report on key data about New York City’s food system, including sources of food, including community gardens, how it is distributed, and consumed. An annual food system metrics report is due September 1, 2012 and annually thereafter.
LL 48 of 2011 – Requires the department of citywide administrative services to maintain an online database of all property owned and leased by the city, including detailed data about the sites as well as whether land is potentially suitable for urban agriculture. [enacted 8/17/11, effective date 12/17/11]
LL 49 of 2011 — Adds greenhouses to the list of rooftop structures that can be excluded from height limitations, making it easier to install the structures on top of buildings [effective date 8/17/11]

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