NYS Council on Food Policy’s Report

In December 2009, the New York State Council on Food Policy released its annual report to the Governor, which includes a series of policy recommendations for improving food and agriculture in the state. The report urges adoption of a wide range of initiatives to: (1) increase public participation in food and nutrition assistance programs; (2) support local and regional food production; (3) connect consumers to local producers; (4) ensure adequate food production and retail infrastructure; and (5) promote healthier easting and easier access to healthy food. None of the proposed policies are particularly novel, but together they set forth goals and objectives that, if implemented, have the potential to dramatically transform the state’s food system. In the coming year, the central challenge for the Council and sustainable food advocates will be to keep these goals on Governor Patterson’s policy agenda so that they are translated into appropriate legislation and regulations. Given New York’s dismal fiscal condition, other issues are likely to take priority. The report is available from the Council on Food Policy’s website.

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