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    Increasing the Resilience of NYC’s Food System to Climate Change

    New York, like many large cities, has a food system that depends on concentrated distribution channels and legacy infrastructures that are all prone to climate-related disruption.…

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    NYS Legislation to Help Beginning Farmers

    In 2012, the average farmer in the was 58.3 years old. Farming is a difficult and often unprofitable business, and transferring farmland can be complex and costly.  These and…

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    Report on Double-Up Food Bucks Program

    The Fair Food Network released a new report on the five-year growth of its double-up food bucks program, which provides a one-to-one subsidy for consumers who use their SNAP…

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    FoodWorks Update

    On September 4, the New York City Council Speaker (and Mayoral candidate) Christine Quinn released an update toFoodWorks, the Council’s food policy platform. The update reviews…


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